Report from Bnogani Mgwena

My name is Bongani Mgwena, and I am an environmental educator at the Timbavati Foundation.

The past year has helped me to realise that it is an honor and privilege to be able to educate such bright and passionate learners here at the Timbavati Foundation Environ-ment school. Together with my fellow educator, Karen and our manager, Teresa (who we call mother), we have seen that our environmentally based education is of great benefit to those we teach.

Taking the learners on bush walks, encouraging them to paint wildlife on their supplied T-shirts, showing them the wildlife specimens in the Graeme Naylor museum, pro-motes awareness in them.

I felt so much happiness and contentment when we awarded the winning schools with their certificates for their school projects and enjoyed our time with them in the Kruger National Park. As I look forward, I can only see progress and positive change within our communities.

Report from Karen Monareng

My name is Karen Monareng. I am an environmental Educator at the Timbavati Foundation.

As we approach the festive season it is good to reflect on the past year. It is encourag-ing to see that the learners appreciate what we teach them and in fact, put this to practical application in their every day lives. The recent awarding of certificates for the projects underscores these facts.

I find that I have been motivated to impart this knowledge to them by their positive attitudes.

I want to thank everyone who has been a part in the success of the Timbavati Founda-tion programs. As H. Jackson Brown Jr. , the acclaimed author has said, “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today”.