The students who attend our school throughout the year, are given environmental projects to implement when returning to their respective schools. The schools are assessed near the end of the year for their efforts in accomplishing the goals set for them. These goals are concentrated on achieving satisfactory results to combat soil erosion, the upkeep of vegetable gardens, effective littering and waste management and sustainable water usage management.

The schools who obtained the best overall results for their efforts are rewarded by taking the deserving students on trips to the Kruger National Park (KNP). The students from the high school who are assessed to have been the best at these pro-jects, are taken on a three day trip to the KNP. Second placed high school students as well as first placed and second placed primary school students are taken on one day trips to the KNP.

The Timbavati Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank all the excellent staff at the KNP for taking the time and effort to further educate the students on environmental and wild life management. These lectures and activities, as well as entrance to the park, are offered free of charge to the foundation. Thank you KNP, for assisting us in showing a better way to young minds, on how to manage and sustain our shared environment and wildlife.

1st Place: Frank Maghingana High School
1st Place: Sesete Primary School