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Baobab - R1 Million and above

The baobab tree is restricted to hot, dry woodland on stony, well-drained soils, in frost free areas that receive low rainfall. In South Africa, it is found only in the warm parts of Limpopo Province. Your donation will have a lasting impact on Africa’s people.

Sycamore Fig - R500 000 and above

In its native habitat, the tree is usually found in rich soils along rivers and in mixed woodlands. The bark is green, yellow to orange and exfoliate in papery strips to reveal the yellow inner bark. Like all other figs, it contains latex. Your donation is much needed and will bring so many benefits to poor communities..

Maroela - R250 000 and above

The single stemmed tree with a wide spreading crown grows mostly at low altitudes and open woodland. It is a protected tree in South Africa. Possibly Africa’s most valuable tree - its sweet fruits providing nourishment for many. Your donation will help sustain a number of people.

Leadwood - R100 000 and above

The Leadwood is a protected tree in South Africa. Radiocarbon dating, done in South Africa, has established that a leadwood tree can live up to 1040 +/- 70 years and subsequently remain standing for years after the tree has died. Something your donation will help do.

Huilboerboon - R25 000 and above

The common name of ‘Weeping boer-bean’ is derived from the abundant nectar produced by the flowers. The tree is the one with the most beautiful red flowers. Your contribution will help make someone stand tall.