Community upliftment and the social care of communities surrounding the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve form an integral part of the Timbavati Foundation’s mandate.

Our choice of projects is based on sustainable priorities and includes:

  • Sinking boreholes
  • Providing water tanks
  • Construction of environmentally friendly toilets
  • Construction of netted vegetable gardens and advice on gardening practices and techniques
  • Serving organisations that support the elderly, orphans and destitute within our communities

Projects are prioritised after input from the schools we support. Each year we ask the school governing bodies to advise us of their more urgent needs. This urgency and our availability of funds then enables us to decide on the projects for the year ahead

Many of the schools we have teamed up with lack proper water and have disgraceful toilet facilities. To this end we have financed and supervised the sinking and equipping of a number of boreholes. This has been a priority. The capturing of rainwater in bulk tanks is also encouraged and financed wherever practical.

We have also built eco-friendly toilet units at a few schools to replace dysfunctional ones. These are very costly projects and funding has restricted the pace at which we are able to proceed.

The laying on of water has also enabled us to construct and equip netted gardens, where the learners can implement what they have learnt at the school. These gardens are used for supplementing the diets of under-privileged children and their families or for fund raising for the school concerned.

The impact of our work has been far reaching. We believe that there is still more to be done and we need your help to enable us to continue providing these services free of charge to young people and schools. Please consider donating today.

The Nhlayiseko Old Age Home

The Nhlayiseko Old Age Home celebrates The Timbavati Foundation. We assist with the provision of a netted garden, borehole with the accompanying pumps and pipework, ceilings, paint and kitchen utensils.

Nhlayiseko Old Age Home Kitchen

March 1st, 2020|

The Timbavati Foundation built the Nhlayiseko Old Age Home an outside kitchen. This will ensure that the cooking staff will be able to supply meals for the senior citizens in all weather conditions. Thank [...]

Ndabeni Primary School Toilet Project

March 1st, 2020|

This year the fortunate school benefitting from our ongoing commitment to providing safe and hygienic toilet facilities is Ndabeni Primary School. These toilets have been designed inhouse to provide a waterless toilet system that [...]

Nourish Centre

March 1st, 2020|

The Timbavati Foundation identified an urgent need for a reliable and adequate supply of water at the Nourish Eco-Village situated on the Orpen road. This centre, amongst other good causes, cares for young children [...]

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We provided safe and hygienic sanitation for at least 1000 students at NP Mathabela Secondary School and Dlumana High School.


Netted vegetable gardens and implements help at least 14,200 school students to feed themselves at their schools daily.


We are providing guttering and water tanks at various schools, thereby assisting in the capturing and use of scarce rainwater. This provides harvested rain  water to at least 4,500 students for their netted vegetable gardens and surrounding foilage.


10 schools and 1 old age home which comprise a total of 6,800 recipients now have life sustaining water.