The Timbavati Foundation is committed to supporting healthcare within the community. There are two clinics that we have supported annually over a number of years. One is in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, The Phelwana Clinic, and the other is on the Timbavati Foundation premises.

An independent NGO, The Hlokomela Project, with trained medical staff visits each clinic on a regular weekly basis. Aids testing is carried out where requested by patients and those diagnosed with the disease receive free HIV medication and counselling.  All other ailments are treated and medication is provided free of charge. Where further diagnosis or treatment is required patients are referred to the nearest government hospital.

The Phelwana Clinic and The Hlokomela Project

The Timbavati Foundation supports the Phelwana Clinic situated within the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve. The Phelwana clinic offers free HIV, TB testing and counseling, and treats a variety of other illnesses including sexually transmitted diseases and provides antenatal guidance.

The Phelwana Clinic forms part of the Hlokomela Project which coordinates various health and educational development initiatives for 69 local agricultural and tourism businesses associated with the Hoedspruit Training Trust, a non-profit organisation. Hlokomela seeks to contribute to the reduction of HIV prevalence and the impact of AIDS among commercial farm workers and their families through an integrated programme of prevention, treatment and care.

The NGO, The Hlokomela Project, providing the medical staff has had its budget severely cut by the government health department, so may no longer be in a position to support our facility at the foundation to the same extent. Lobbying is taking place to get the health department to reverse their decision and additional funding of the NGO is also being sought.  We, namely the Timbavati Foundation, are working closely with the NGO and have agreed to assist as much as possible.  We believe it is an essential service as the government hospital is some distance from our two clinics and without them patients may not be able to receive the necessary treatment.  We have committed to increasing our financial support materially from this year.

The Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

November 12th, 2019|

This past year has seen the partnership with TPNR and the Timbavati Foundation go from strength to strength with the support and guidance of, Candice Pierce. The TPNR and the Timbavati Foundation continue to walk [...]