Community Upliftment and Social Care

Community Upliftment and Social Care

Community upliftment, as well as the social care of people living in communities surrounding the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, also forms an integral part of the foundation’s mandate.


A few of our projects include the following:

  • Construction of environmentally friendly toilets
  • Sinking of boreholes
  • Provision of water tanks
  • Construction of netted vegetable gardens (we also advise on all gardening practises without netted facilities)
  • Providing bursaries for further training in conservation.
  • The funding of Healing Hearts, an NGO crucially involved with people who need social care including orphans and destitute people.
  • Health Care / Clinic

The Timbavati Foundation has identified a desperate need to assist the senior citizens in our local communities. To this end the Nhlayiseko Old Age Home has become very dear to our hearts. We have assisted by providing a netted garden, borehole with the accompying pumps and pipework, ceilings, paint and kitchen utensils. No wonder there is celebration when the Timbavati Foundation staff arrive. 

The impact of the Foundation’s work has been far reaching but there is more to be done – we need your help to enable us to continue providing our services free of charge to young people and schools. You can make a difference by making an investment in supplies, support and/or training, which will not only empower a young person and provide for the senior citizen, but will also help to save our environment.